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A Luxury Travel Blog: Small Business Blog of the Day

by Brian Brown (follow me on Twitter): March 20, 2006

Today's blog features private islands, spas, and 7-star hotels (yes, 7 stars).

Travel What it is
A Luxury Travel Blog is exactly what it says it is. Expensive, exotic, and sometimes eccentric.

Frequently posted and fascinating to read. Like watching an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, but without having to listen to Robin Leach. The best features is the navigation on the right side that allows you to find posts based on geography. I was pleasantly surprised four posts in my home state of Vermont.

Favorite Post
James Bond, license to fly. Travel to classic Bond destinations including a hop by helicopter.

A Luxury Travel Blog is used as a draw for The Dedicated Partnership, a service company specializing in travel websites. The blog establishes credibility and increses search engine "juice" for the Partnership.

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Thanks for the mention, Brian... I discovered this quite by chance today. I've posted about it on my blog and linked across to you from there.

All the best...


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